What Size Nose It All™ Do I Need? (old)

three sizes of nose it all devices, small, medium and large

Nose It All™ Size Guide

Nose It All™ was created to treat nosebleeds for children and adults. As a device that fits inside the mouth, height standards are generally applied to determine the proper fit. As a general rule, users up to 4' tall would fit the small size; users between 4 and 5' tall would use a medium; and adults and anyone 5' tall and up would fit a large. 

Here is an easy visual guide that could serve useful as you select the right device for you. 

Nose It All™ size guide. Small showing child with instructions for use under 4' tall; medium with young child between 4-5' tall; large for anyone over 5'


For additional questions regarding the proper fit, our customer service specialists will be happy to help you. Just contact hello@noseitall.com.