Medical and Professional Samples

Nose It All offers a special program to dispense samples to professional medical instutitions including ERs, first responder and emergency services and clinics, as well as medical offices including pediatric, ENT, OBGYN, plastic surgery, and general practitioners. 

We also offer the opportunity for schools to sample Nose It All, including school nurses and athletics staff.

If your organization would like to request samples Nose It All, just send us a request from your professional email address using the prompts below. Include any information relevant to your business including website and any contact info where we can reach you.

Once we approve, we'll send a code redeemable on our site for a 3-pack of your choosing, or a family pack that contains all 3 sizes of Nose It All. 

Any facility with multiple offices or departments may apply for additional samples. 

Need Lots of Nose It All?

Inquire About Bulk Purchases

If your institution is interested in purchasing Nose It All in bulk quantities, we would be pleased to offer bulk discounts, or assist with recurring shipments. 

Bulk purchases considered 24 single devices or more, or 8x3pks of any one size.

Inquire at for special pricing, or click the button below and an an associate will reply within 2 business days.