How Nose It All™️ Works

It's All About PRESSURE

Nose It All™️ Stops Nosebleeds Using Pressure

Even when you cut a finger or a limb, the first thing you do - almost viscerally - is apply pressure to the area to stop bleeding. With 90% of nosebleeds, the source of bleeding is the anterior arteries in the Kiesselbach Plexus, an area dense with blood vessels which, when ruptured, can cause a gusher of a nosebleed.

Just as you would take your hand to apply pressure to a bleeding finger,  Nose It All™️ applies pressure to the arterial area through its patented bite tab. When Nose It All™️ is inserted into the mouth over the top teeth and under the top lip, users need only bite upwards using the bottom teeth on the patented bite tab, which directs pressure upward toward the source of the bleeding arteries. 

Nose It All™️ is technically a tourniquet - which, medically, only means that it is a device used to apply pressure to stop bleeding.

Holding pressure through a sustained bite is enough to stop anterior nosebleeds in as little as three minutes. It is a reactive, or "upstream" solution to anterior nosebleeds, made all the more unique because users are able to breathe freely through the nostirls without any obstructions inside the nasal cavity. Bleeds can clot even faster thanks to sustained airflow inside the nose. 

Nose It All™️is the first FDA registered oral device that stops anterior nosebleeds at the arterial source, bypassing the nasal cavity completely. 

The result is one of the most efficient, effective, and fast solutions to nosebleeds - up to 5x faster than traditional treatments.

Nose It All™️ is the very first "upstream" nosebleed treatment, changing the way common nosebleeds are treated forever.

Treats the SOURCE

Targets the artery responsible 

OUT of the Nose

Goes in the mouth, NOT THE NOSE

Ends Bleeds 

Up to 5x Faster

Stops bleeds in as little as 3 minutes

The Patented "Bite Tab"

But HOW does Nose It All™️ stop nosebleeds?

The bite tab is the key structural element that allows Nose It All™️to do its job so successfully. Maintaining pressure to the bleeding area is necessary to stop a nosebleed quickly, and the bite tab is pivotal in making this to happen.  

Once Nose It All™️ is inserted in the mouth over the top teeth and under the gum line, the bite tab aligns with the bottom row of teeth. When the user bites on the device using the bottom teeth, pressure is applied upward, pushing the top portion of the Nose It All closer to the septum, the point closest to the source of bleeding. 

With nothing at all inside the nostrils, a sustained bite of only a few minutes is enough for Nose It All™️ to tourniquet the bleed. Users have reported nosebleeds which would typically take 15 minutes to stop ending in as few as three. That's FIVE TIMES faster - and since nothing is stuffed into the nasal cavity, they were able to breathe through their noses while it worked.