All About Nose It All™️


How Do I Know What Size to Get?

Nose It All™  comes in 3 sizes, and fit is generally determined based on the height of the user. This general sizing guide will be useful in determining the proper size of Nose It All™  for each user. 

Small- best for for users under 4 feet tall

Medium- best for users 4-5' tall

Large - best suited for users 5' tall and above

If the user is using a smaller size than they need, they may notice that the bite tab is being touched by both the top and bottom teeth before they feel ample pressure being applied under the nose. Since Nose It All™  works by applying pressure to the anterior artery from a sustained bite, proper fit is essential to ensure the efficacy of the treatment.

If you're having trouble fitting your Nose It All, don't worry. Customer service will work with you to find your proper size.  Just contact us at

Can I Use Nose It All™?

If you suffer from anterior nosebleeds, which account for 90% of bleeds, you can use Nose It All™! From children to adults, there is a fit for everyone from 4' tall and up.

Can I Use Nose It All™ if I Have a Blood Disorder?

Absolutely. Nose It All™ can be used by anyone who suffers from anterior-stemming nosebleeds. This includes those with blood disorders or side-effects related to illnesses including hypertension, stress, certain cancers, those with prescription medication induced nosebleeds, people recoving from post-nasal surgery, pregnancy-related nosebleeds, sports and athletic injuries, allergy and cold sufferers, nosepickers, even those who live in dry climates or at high altitudes! Nose It All™ was made to work for anyone whose nosebleeds generate from the front of the nose.

Is Nose It All™ for Every Type of Nosebleed?

Nose It All™ was designed to treat the most common type of nosebleed - which 90% of people have - called anterior nosebleeds that begin in the front of the nose. Posterior nosebleeds account for the other 10% of bleeds, and generate from another source in the nasal cavity. Nose It All™ is intended for anterior nosebleeds only.

Can I Reuse Nose It All™?

Nose It All™ is intended for single use to avoid contamination and germs.  It should be discarded after use.

What's So Special About Nose It All™?

Everything. Nose It All™ is the first device specifically designed to STOP anterior nosebleeds by treating them where they start. Until now, methods available for treatment included tissues, sponges, tampons, gauze, pinchers, even gels and chemicals. Nose It All™ is the first device created to stop nosebleeds by targeting the artery that feeds them. Learn how by clicking here.

Doesn't a Roll of Tissue Do the Same Thing as Nose It All™?

Not remotely - and we'll show you why! Rolled up paper, gauze, and tissues - besides being inhygienic - don't apply consistent pressure to the bleed source, which is what makes Nose It All™ so effective! After the device is inserted into the mouth, the user only needs to bite down and sustain a bite for a few minutes. The bite pressure acts as a tourniquet at the source of the artery, slowing, and then stopping the nosebleed. Tissue under your lip can't do that!

Does Nose It All™ Expire?

Nose It All™ comes ready to use out of the package. As loon as the packaging remains sealed, Nose It All™ can be used up to 6 months from when it was purchased.

Can Nose It All™ Be Recycled?

Yep! Nose It All™ is made of medical grade plastic, LDPE, and PE Foam, which are common recyclable plastics used in many disposable items. Once you're Nose It All™ has done its job, simply wash off any organic material from the device (blood or saliva) and dispose of it in any plastic recycling bin.

Does Nose It All™ Have a Taste or Smell?

Nope!  Nose It All™ is made of biocompatible plastic used for many food products because of its lack of taste and smell.

Are there Allergies I Should Be Aware Of?

Nope! Nose It All™ is made of biocompatible plastic materials used for many food products due to its human-friendly and allergy-free properties.

How Long Should I Keep Nose It All™ in My Mouth?

Nose It All™ should stay in your mouth until the nosebleed has completely stopped. This typically would last about 3 minutes, but could take as long as 15 minutes. When you bite on the device, tourniquet pressure is being applied closest to the anterior artery where these types of noseblees generate. Bleeding should stop after only a few minutes. To ensure proper clotting, maintain pressure for 2 minutes or so after blood stops flowing.  Once the blood clots at the source, you can safely and easily remove Nose It All™ from your mouth with no risk of reopening the wound like with tissues, sponges, or tampons.  If after 15-20 minutes your nosebleed persists, it could be a sign of a more serious condition, so please seek medical attention right away.

Where Can I Buy Nose It All™?

You can buy Nose It All™ right here on our site, or by visiting our Amazon shop. Soon we hope to be in pharmacies, medical supply stores, even groceries stores!

When Should I Seek Medical Attention?

If clotting fails to form after 15-20 minutes, absolutely seek medical attention. While most anterior nosebleeds cease after only a few minutes of using Nose It All™, bleeds lasting longer could be caused by a posterior nosebleed (which originates in a different area of the nose), or could be caused by another serious condition. When in doubt, any nosebleed lasting longer than 15 minutes deserves medical attention. Your safety is what matters most!

What is Your Return Policy?

It's our hope that Nose It All™ will be the last nosebleed treatment you'll ever need. But if it isn't for you, view our Return Policy here.

I'm at an Organization That Could Use Many Devices. Do You Provide Bulk Discounts?

Definitely. Please go to our page here to find out more about ordering Nose It All™ in bulk.