Anyone suffering from anterior nosebleeds (epistaxis) can use Nose It All - both children and adults. Those with chronic nosebleeds brought on by some blood disorders and illnesses including hypertension, stress, certain cancers like leukemia and HHT, those caused by prescription medications, post-nasal surgery, pregnancy, sports and athletic injuries, colds and allergies, high elevations, dry climates, even good old-fashioned nose picking. As long as the nosebleed is anterior-generating, Nose It All is suitable to stop bleeds in just minutes.
Consult our convenient Size Guide, or reach out to us and we'll help you find the size that's right for you and your family.
Nose It All was intentionally designed to treat nosebleeds immediately by addressing the source of anterior-generating nosebleeds. Unlike other remedies Nose It All uses the simplest, cleanest, and most direct means to treat nosebleeds. By applying pressure to the source of anterior nosebleeds, (the anterior nasal arteries in the Kiesselbach's Plexis), Nose It All allows the trauma to clot while you breathe normally through the nose. The combination of pressure with increased airflow helps nosebleeds stop faster - without tissues, tampons, gauze, cotton, sponges, or gels stuffed inside the nasal cavity, or annoying clips pinching the nose. What you get is a discreet, convenient, and totally hands-free treatment that gets you back to the moments that matter, faster.

Nose It All treats the most common type of nosebleed called eptistaxis, or anterior nosebleeds, which account for 90% of nosebleed occurrences. During use, the pressure generated by Nose It All tourniquets the anterior arteries that feed nosebleeds, causing them to clot and stop. The other more rare type of nosebleeds, called posterior nosebleeds, occurs in a different area of the nose and head. Posterior nosebleeds can be much more serious and require attention right away by a medical professional.

Nose It All was designed to apply pressure to the anterior artery from a sustained bite, so proper fit is critical to ensure the efficacy of Nose It All.  

Nose It All comes in 3 sizes, and ideal fit is generally determined based on the height of the user. This general sizing guide will be useful in determining the proper size of Nose It All for each user. 

  • Small - best for most users under 4 feet tall
  • Medium - best for users between 4 and 5 feet tall
  • Large - best for users 5 feet tall and above

The small v-shaped cutout in the center of the device is intended to fit comfortably around the frenulum (the small flap of skin that attaches the gums to the upper lip). If the device is too large, especially on a child, you may notice it slipping out of the child's mouth, indicating a smaller size would be more suitable. Should a user be using a smaller size than they need, they may notice that the bite tab is being touched by both the top and bottom teeth before they feel ample pressure being applied under the nose. 

If you're having trouble fitting your Nose It All, don't worry. Customer service will work with you to find your proper size. Just contact us at info@noseitall.co and we'll walk you through finding the right size for you.

Nose It All should stay in your mouth until the nosebleed has completely stopped. This typically would last about 3 minutes but can take as long as 15 minutes for more severe bleeds. When you bite on the device, tourniquet pressure is being applied closest to the anterior artery where this type of nosebleed generates. After only a few minutes, the bleeding should stop completely. To ensure proper clotting, maintain pressure for a minute or two after the bleed stops.  Once blood clots at the source, you can safely and easily remove Nose It All from your mouth. If after 15-20 minutes your nosebleed persists, seek further medical attention.

Nose It All will be ready to use out of the package as long as the package remains sealed, and should generally be used within 6 months from date of purchase.

It sure can! Nose It All is made of LDPE and PE Foam, which are common recyclable plastics used in many disposable items. Once your Nose It All has done its job, simply wash off any organic material from the device (blood or saliva) and dispose of it in any plastic recycling bin.

Nose It All is intended for single use to avoid contamination and germs.  After use, Nose It All devices should be discarded.
Nope!  Nose It All is made of biocompatible plastic used for many food products because of its lack of taste and smell.
Nope! The biocompatible plastic material Nose It All is made of is used for many food containers and utensils due to its human-friendly and allergy-free properties.
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If clotting fails to form after 15-20 minutes, absolutely seek medical attention. While most anterior nosebleeds stop completely after only a few minutes of using Nose It All, bleeds lasting longer than 15 minutes could be caused by a posterior nosebleed (which originates in a different area of the nose), or another serious condition. When in doubt, any nosebleed lasting longer than 15 minutes requires medical attention. Your safety is what matters most!