How to Use 

Three Easy Steps.

Effective in as Little as Three Minutes.

Graphic depiction of Step 1 - Nose It All™️ device being inserted under the top lip
Place Nose It All in your mouth under the top lip and over the upper gums, with the bite tab centered over the bottom row of teeth. 
graphic depiction of Step 2 - Bite - showing bottom teeth biting upward on bite tab to apply pressure under the nostril
Bite upward on the bite tab using your lower teeth to apply pressure toward the septum (the area between the nostrils). 
Graphic depiction of Step 3 - Breathe - showing user with lips closed biting down on Nose It All™️ and holding it while breathing
Maintain bite pressure for 2 minutes, keeping lips closed. Relax and breathe freely through your nostrils to encourage airflow. 

Nose It All™️ Works By Using Bite Pressure to Stop Nosebleeds at the Source.

The Key to Sustaining Pressure - The Patented Bite Tab

The Patented Bite Tab

Nose It All's patented bite tab is what makes it such an effective tool for treating anterior nosebleeds. 
When bite pressure is applied, the padded upper portion of the Nose It All™️ presses upward toward the septum near the artery.
When inserted in the mouth, the bite tab aligns with the bottom row of teeth.

Sustains Pressure

Anatomy of Nose It All