The Nose It All™

Usage and Indications

Device Description
The Nose It All™ is an oral device that fits inside the mouth in front of the top teeth, designed to stop an occurring mild to moderate nosebleed when activated.

How to size the device:
Small – User height range 3’-0” – 4’-0”
Medium - User height range 4’-0” – 5’-0”
Large - User height range 5’-0” – 6’-0”+

(See size guide)

1. Upon experiencing a nosebleed, place Nose It All™ inside your mouth behind the top lip and in front of the upper gums and teeth with the bite tab aligning on top of the bottom row of teeth.

2. Bite on the bite tab and apply pressure in an upward direction. The upward pressure will block the blood flow in the anterior arteries causing the nosebleed. Try to close lips as you bite on it in order to focus the pressure needed at the top lip. Breathe through your nostrils.

3. Continue to bite and hold the pressure until bleeding stops. Try to breath freely to encourage airflow through the nostrils. Dry air through nostrils will speed up the blood clotting process. Bleeding could stop within 30 seconds but can also take longer than 5 minutes depending on how well your blood clots the area of trauma inside your nostril. Continue to keep pressure for a full 5 minutes to allow for blood-clotting to occur. If bleeding does not stop after 15 minutes, seek medical attention immediately. The source of bleeding may be from the posterior arteries, and alternate methods to treat your nosebleed can be dispensed by a medical professional.

4. Once the blood clotting in the nostril is complete, gently wipe the excess blood, remove the Nose It All™ tourniquet, and dispose of all items.

Indications for Use
The Nose It All is intended to stop anterior nosebleeds (aka epistaxis) by applying upward pressure to the superior labial artery, which can be a source of an anterior nosebleed. It is intended for individuals aged 3 to adult that are experiencing anterior nosebleeds. (Users under age 11 should be supervised by an adult.)

Do not use as a sports mouthpiece, if you have loose teeth or teeth that can wiggle, if you have any pain or injury affecting the mouth or jaw, if you have difficulty closing your mouth or chewing, if you have dental implants or orthodontic devices in the front section of your mouth where the device may encounter during use.
Consult a dentist before use if you have: Oral sores, bleeding gums or any gum disease, cavities that have no fillings, loose fillings, or caps, two or more missing teeth in the front of your mouth, cleft lip and cleft palate.

Stop use and consult a dentist if: Device easily falls out of your mouth; you develop soreness, bleeding gums or any other reactions inside your mouth; you develop jaw pain, teeth pain, ear pain, headache, neck stiffness or joint clicking when using this device; this device disrupts breathing, feels uncomfortable or cause you to gag.
As with any nosebleed lasting longer than 15 minutes, consult medical attention immediately.

Device Materials
Nose It All™ is made of Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE) and Polyurethane foam.

Single Use Identifier
Nose It All™ is a single-use device and must be discarded after use.

Non-Sterile Identifier
Nose It All™ is rated as a clean (non-sterile). The device has not been subjected to a sterilization process.

Safe Handling & Storage Information
Keep in package until ready to use, & store in a room temperature environment.

Manufactured by
Product Motif, Inc.
13337 South St, #402, Cerritos CA 90703
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Items and part numbers of products included

Items and part numbers of products included
01-PN-014 - Complete Package Assembly - Small
01-PN-015 - Complete Package Assembly - Medium
01-PN-016 - Complete Package Assembly - Large
01-PN-017 - Complete Package Assembly - Small 3pack
01-PN-018 - Complete Package Assembly - Med. 3pack
01-PN-019 - Complete Package Assembly - Large 3pack
01-PN-020 - Complete Package Assembly - All Sizes 3pack

FDA registered: 10084785

Issued Patents

  • US Patent #10,206,684
  • US Patent #10,925,608

Made in the USA