Which Nose It All Size is right for you?

Which Size Is Right For You?

Which Nose It All Size is right for you?

3 Sizes of Nose It All, Small, Medium, Large

If you or your child gets nosebleeds, and you’ve seen our videos on how Nose It All™ works, here’s a quick and easy guide to help you decide which size you need.

* This guide based on height is approximate and can vary for different users

Why are there Different Sizes?

It’s all about the bite tab.  The Nose It All Nosebleed tourniquet applies pressure to the nasal cavity using your own bite pressure.  But if you’re using a smaller size than needed, the bite tab will touch your top teeth before enough pressure is applied.  If that happens, you need a bigger size.
We found that most mouth sizes are proportional to the child’s height.  As they keep growing, their mouth gets larger, and they can graduate to a larger size.  We also found that the large is too large for small children, and that’s why your little ones need smalls and mediums.

Did you get the wrong size?

Don’t fret.  Just contact hello@noseitall.co and we’ll make sure you get the right size for the next nosebleed.

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