Nosebleeds happen.  Go Against the Norm

Going Against the Norm

Did you know that the “standard” method of care for treating your nosebleed (according to the Mayo Clinic) is to pinch the nostril for approximately 15 minutes, lean a little forward, and let the blood flow outward over the sink?  Sounds like a bit of a mess.

tissue box

From our unofficial surveys, most people grab the nearest tissue and shove it up their nostrils.  Although that works for light nosebleeds, it’s not ideal because:

  1. You can’t breathe through that nostril
  2. Blood can pool up inside the nostril if it doesn’t clot in time which may lead to swallowing blood… yuck
  3. No breathing means the blood doesn’t dry up quickly
  4. Sometimes, the amount of tissue needed is endless!


But there’s a better way

Nosebleed Tourniquets, Small Medium Large Nose It All Sizes

And it’s not through the nose!  Placing our Nose It All™ nosebleed tourniquet IN THE MOUTH will tourniquet major arteries that feed the nosebleeds, then decelerates, or even stop the flow of blood feeding the nosebleed.  Nose It All stops bleeding at the source with less mess, and in a shorter amount of time.

For more information, or to be among the first to discover NOSE IT ALL and try it out, visit and click buy now!

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